Basilur Tea Coffee at 6920 Beach Boulevard K129, Buena Park, California.

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  • Oct, 04 2019
    Donggun Kim
    Very nice place with good decoration. Tea was unique and taste ok. Tiramisu was a little too sweat. Overall price is a little bit high end.
  • Jun, 11 2019
    SJ Yang
    first time seeing fluffy pancakes in USA... peaked my interest since I haven't had them since last year in Tokyo. the stores decor seems to Target the female demographic given the nature of this cafe. pretty sure it will get traction once it hits some of the well known food reviewers on IG/Yelp.

    fluff pancakes ($13) - took about twenty min to cook which is fine. texture was on point I'd say and flavor was quite eggy so ymmv. cream and honey do their job eaten together. wish they came out a little hotter though and with different flavors other than og and matcha. maybe Nutella or chocolate, coffee etc.

    Earl grey milk tea ($5.80)- quite good but too floral for me. also the bottle is pretty and all but a bit expensive considering its size which barely fills a cup. it's $5.80 for one which I can't justify.

    1001 nights milk tea ($5)- fruity milk tea which was more in line with my tastes.

    wish they had oolong milk tea or Hong Kong milk tea as well...

    all in all, it was worth trying once and maybe twice for their pastries which I didn't get to try this time around.

    the cashier was nice and amiable explaining all the drinks and food (the shop was empty when I went though).

    quite a few desert/coffee places in this mall for some reason lol
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